NEW Chinese Language For Sec Schools (CLSS) Workbook 1B (NA)
  • NEW Chinese Language For Sec Schools (CLSS) Workbook 1B (NA)

NEW Chinese Language For Sec Schools (CLSS) Workbook 1B (NA)

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Chinese Language for Secondary Schools (CLSS) is our latest series based on the 2021 Secondary Chinese Curriculum Standards by Ministry of Education, Singapore. Closely aligned to the curriculum objectives, this series aims to develop learners with good language and communication skills, civic literacy and cultural awareness, and global competencies. CLSS focuses on student-centred learning and caters to students with varying learning abilities. Our learning materials supports authentic learning and emphasises on the seamless integration of language and cultural learning. Similar to our Primary Chinese series Huanle Huoban, this series also adopts the highly effective 5-step teaching approach “引 (Guide)、学 (Learn)、练 (Practise)、用 (Apply)、评 (Evaluate)”. CLSS integrates engaging digital elements into our learning resources so that students are enabled to extend learning beyond the classroom and develop great language skills. CLSS Secondary 1 Textbook has 2 books, namely 1A & 1B. Each textbook has 3 chapters. Each chapter comprises key sections such as 单元解说Chapter Opener, 听说Listening & Speaking, 阅读Reading, 写作 Writing, 文化站 Culture, and 综合任务 Integrated Tasks. For sections/tasks related to Student Learning Space (SLS), students and teachers can refer to its resources for frontal teaching and self-directed learning. Each chapter and its sections are related to a unique theme. To increase students’ learning effectiveness, there are ample opportunities for students to develop their reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills throughout the chapter.

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